COST Action CA15207

Professionalization and Social Impact of European Political Science

The project aims to build a broad network of scholars studying internationalization and social impact of political science.
The innovative nature of the project lies in its multidimensional focus: moving from the key concepts of Professionalization and Social Impact, the working groups included in the network will discuss data and interpretations of the recent transformation of Political Science.
Political scientists produce lots of interpretative and normative analyses.
But are they sufficiently timely in their discussion of contemporary challenges? Are they still living in the Ivory tower? To what extent their scholarship is an useful  mean to facilitate the solution of the day-by-day problems in politics? Are social media really speeding  the advocacy action of political scientists up?
Political scientists study matters concerning the allocation and transfer of power in decision making, the roles and systems of governance including governments and international organizations, political behaviour and public policies. They measure the success of governance and specific policies by examining many factors, including stability, justice, material wealth, peace and public health. Some political scientists seek to advance positive (attempt to describe how things are, as opposed to how they should be) theses by analyzing politics. Others advance normative theses, by making specific policy recommendations.


6 November 2017

PROSEPS General Meeting, Lisbon

The second General Meeting will take place from 15 to 16th March 2018 at the Institute Of Social Sciences, University Of Lisbon.